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Tournaments & Leagues*

Tournaments & Leagues

Tournaments & Leagues

Coachwood Golf & Country Club's full service tournament and league booking service provides you and your golfers a premium experience on and off the course.

Enforced Pace-of-Play

Each tournament will have the pace-of-play monitored by two course rangers.

Full Service

Choose from a variety of services including registration, prize tables, golf carts and more.

Personalized Carts

Each cart will be personalized with each one of the participants names.

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Coachwood Golf & Country Club is the perfect location to host your next tournament, whether it's a corporate tournament or charity event.



Coachwood Golf & Country Club hosts several leagues throughout the year. Whether you would like to join an existing league or to start your own, we are here to help!

Have a question? Reach out any time