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Winter League


Create your own Golf League

Customize your league with your friends – up to 16-20 golfers per league.

Join Coachwood Golf's League

Join our Golf League for a great golfing experience every week.


Create Your Own Winter Golf League - Your Way

Customize your golf league with friends and play on our TrackMan golf simulators for 15 weeks of winter fun. Choose between 18 holes or 9 holes, perfect your swing, and compete in a cozy indoor setting while enjoying a 12oz draft per game. Join us for the ultimate winter golf experience!


Join Coachwood Golf's Own Golf League

Join us every Wednesday evening for Coachwood’s Own Golf League, spanning an exciting 15 weeks. Tee off on our TrackMan golf simulators from 6pm to 9pm. It’s the perfect opportunity to enhance your golf skills, meet fellow enthusiasts, and enjoy mid-week golfing excitement throughout the winter season.